We are offering the services of a “Personal Agent” for musicians and groups of musicians, hereafter referred to as "customers" who will have a personal page on our web site. These services will be described in a special contract or Agreement between the Customer and Phoenix Musical hereafter referred to as Agency. There are two kinds of services – Referring agent or Direct agent.

Referring agent services assume that our Agency will act as the representative of the Customer in its relations with the other agencies, working in the field of classical music. The agent’s involvement in such cases is reduced to

• establish a direct contact between the Customer and the third party agency,

• provide assistance to the Customer by writing the Contracts or Agreements between the third party agency and the Customer

• outline liabilities of the parties, protect and defend the interests of the Customer.

Direct agent services means that our Agency will be responsible for the career development of the Customer in the market of classical music, including casting, associating the Customer in projects, whether they are managed by the Agency itself or by third parties i.e : producers, directors, theaters, concert organizers etc. In this case there is a direct interaction between the Agency and the Customer according to contracts and Agreements signed by both parties.