Sound recording

Understanding that the most important factor foe a musician is the quality of the sound recording, we are using professional microphones that we connect to our video cameras for the video recording of small budget musical projects.

If the budget of the musical project allows it, besides the one associated with the video, we are using a technique used for recording in professional audio studios; for this purpose we associate our partners in order to achieve the quality of a professional studio sound recording . It is also the case for Audio CD recordings.

They produce a final master sound soundtrack which afterwards is used by us for edition of the video version of the musical project in which the sound must be presented not only in LPCM stereo format, but also in Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS formats.

Such an approach gives us the possibility to produce musical DVD’s, intended for commercial use. Several DVD’s presented in the “Portfolio” section, have been licensed by known European publishers for distribution all over the world.

For narration in video films and videoclips we use professional narrators and actors associated with our projects.